BirdSong Media

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Class 1 Techniques & Examples

Task 1

Types of PicMonkey Accounts

Intro to the Hub

Learn about different styles of collages

Upload multiple pictures at onetime

Move and edit your photo's to sit well in your collage

Work with spacing of your collage

Change background colours of collage

Save your collage


Task 2

Autofill your pictures

Customise your collage size and layout

Add & remove picture cells

Learn about transparent background

Open your collage to add overlays

Add text to your collage

Use different text fonts, sizes  and colours

Add in picmonkey art to your  collage

Adjust picmonkey arts shape/size


Class 2 Techniques & Examples

Task 1

Basic edits for your pictures

Intro to touch Up  

Add text to a picture

Use different text fonts, sizes  and colours

Add in suitable picmonkey graphics to your picture

Blend and fade graphics into your picture

Learn about "textures" for your pictures

Add and integrate a "texture" into your picture


Task 2

Learn about "effects"

Add and integrate 3 different effects into your picture

Add in your own suitable or branded graphic

Adjust the colour of your own graphic to suit your picture

Learn about PNG files

Frame  your pictures with different styles


Class 3 Techniques & Examples

Task 1

Learn about colour numbers and their importance

Integrate your own text style

Bring your brand into the picture

Duplicate text for ease

Merge of overlays

Personalise frames for your theme or business brand

Use Re-size for different media types


Task 2

 Use the Eye dropper to get the perfect colour

Duplicate graphics

Create shadow with graphics

Graphics and blends styles

Basic text effects

Text overlays & masks