BirdSong Media

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Frequency Interpretation - Marketing with Soul

BirdSong Media is a new way to approach marketing, to reflect the essence of your own unique personal energy, and to market your talents to the world.  It is aimed at supporting sensitive, heart based, creative or spiritual people who have so much to offer but can sometimes get overwhelmed when having to represent this in a media format.

Through my skills of interpreting your distinctive frequency, I can support you to attract your ideal client via website and media experiences, that are true to your soul’s essence and higher calling.

Marketing your business with soul means your chosen media content is more than just a static page, website or video.... instead it is an energetic destination, a place where people can feel, experience and be inspired by you and what you have to offer them.


Having been on the same journey as you to discover what makes my heart sing, I have gradually unfolded my personal talents and learned how to become comfortable with sharing them with the world.   I understand first hand the journey that's involved, and what it feels like when birthing a new media identity, so I feel my personal experience enables me to stand beside you with even more compassion, commitment and wisdom. 

 Nicola Strand, founder of BirdSong Media

Bespoke Services

The Birdsong Media website site shows you just a small part of how I can help you to get yourself out there in there world, but actually most of my clients come to me requesting bespoke services in the marketing arena.  Some recent requests include:

* Please can you refine my logo into the 'new me'?
* I need help adding my new clients into a mailchimp list
* Can you design me a new banner for my Facebook page?
* I need a unique picture that will help me advertise my new workshop
* Do you do training on Movie Maker?

The answer to all of these questions was yes and from this the client and I discussed what was needed, a price was given and the work was completed.  Sound like something that could help you?
Contact me for a free no obligation consultation and lets get those brakes off and those wings on! 

NEW client website design images

Feel the love for BirdSong Media Services

Rena Mortimer

Founder of Halo Avalon

"I’m so happy to see my website continually expand, i’m thrilled…and love it that I can keep personally expanding it, bit by bit as I evolve.  I am so glad I went with this way, with BirdSong Media and using ‘Webs’,  being trained to take full ownership of my own website.   It's been vital to be able to continue to structure my website, in line with the expansion of my business. I love this empowering way of working.